2nd Annual Wonder & Wisdom Of Handwork

Parent Circle Conference

July 20th - July 24th, 2020 Online

For Home-School Parents, Assistant Teachers, & Classroom Volunteers



We will be focusing on doll-making and the image of the human being throughout the curriculum grades 1-8. Some sessions will have a special focus on child development during the early adolescent years.

A combination of live and pre-recorded online instruction, presentation, and discussions, practical hands-on learning, and anthroposophical deepening. Online format supports parent participation around the world! email info@waldorfhandwork.org for international details.
Special guest teacher Rainbow Rosenbloom of Live-Education.



The image of the human being appears in many ways throughout the Waldorf curriculum. It is incorporated into stories, songs, and handwork so that children and youth may grow into whole and healthy human beings. In our 2020 Wonder & Wisdom of Handwork Summer conference we will explore the image of the human being in handwork on a deeper level.

In an overview of the curriculum, Melanie and Elizabeth will explore moments at which the human being is contrasted with the animal kingdom. How do we share a healthy image of what it means to be human with children in a developmentally appropriate way that speaks to their hearts and minds? Why are dolls made in the way they are? Why are the faces seemingly expressionless? What about different skin tones? How about clothing? We will carefully explore proportions, features, sewing techniques, the value of puppetry and story-telling, and much more with master teachers.

Rainbow Rosenbloom of Live Education is our featured guest, and will share some profound and thought-provoking insights into this time of life. We will delve into the evolving picture of the human being through the grades, and the appropriateness of various types of dolls.

Artist Sean Chiki will lead us through sketching the human form in various stages of development from toddler through adolescent.

Jennifer Aguirre, well-known for her puppetry curriculum, will share a beautiful and simple project we can make together. 

Dahlia Haberman, who has delighted teachers with simple, contemplative stitching projects, brings her love of simplicity and beauty to our conference this year. She will lead us through creating an embroidered zipper pencil case.

Christine Schreier will share some wonderful, easy techniques for making small dolls for younger children.


Recommended reading list for the Parent Circle Conference:


These books will support the background to our work, and enrich our discussions, but are not ‘required’. Here are links, but the books are also available in many different places.


Betty Staley: Tending the Spark



Rudolf Steiner: The Education of the Child




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