Upcoming Events and Programs

Summer Handwork Conferences

   Handwork and the 12 Senses

     - Educating the Whole Child

3 Online International Handwork Conferences:

Homeschool Conference June 22, 23, & 24, 2022

Handwork Teachers' Conference July 18-21, 2022

Australia/Asia Conference August 13, 20, & 27, 2022


Online International Handwork Teacher Development Program 2023/24

A 2 year handwork teacher training program

Accepting applications April 18- October 1, 2022

Courses begin January 2023

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Free Saturday Online Handwork Teacher Gatherings

Join us online for our open discussion gatherings. Share successes, ask questions, and build community.

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Adult Handwork Skills Classes

For those who aspire to teach handwork to children but seek to acquire the basic skills first.

Handwork Teacher Development Courses Begin in January 2023

In this two year handwork teacher development program we offer a deep understanding of the essence of handwork and its pedagogical value within the broader Waldorf curriculum. Applications will be accepted from April 18 through October 1, 2022.