Waldorf Handwork Educators

February Handwork Conference 2021

The Healing Benefits of Handwork

in Covid Times

Join us February 15, 16, & 17 online for our Waldorf Handwork Conference. Our theme is The Healing Benefits of Handwork in Covid Times.


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We will be specifically focusing on innovative handwork projects that are well suited to both distance learning or in person learning across the grades.

Handwork requires rhythmical repetitive movements which promote the production of serotonin, which regulates mood, cognition, reward, learning, memory, and numerous other physiological processes. The complex bi-lateral movements engage multiple areas of the brain, which – in laymen’s terms – leaves less room for worry, anxiety, fear.

Handwork grounds us in our primary sense of touch. Engaging in meaningful work alleviates our sense of isolation and separation. Bathing our senses in the color of the fiber or fabric is therapeutic in itself. We know – especially in these challenging times – that children need more from us than just learning how to knit, or sew, or crochet. Handwork is the vehicle we use to connect with and educate the whole child. In a handwork class, we can see, both literally and with a deeper perception, how a child is coping with difficult circumstances.

Guest Teachers:

Dr. Gary Etting, OD., F.C.O.V.D., developmental optometrist, will help us to recognize not only what our students see, but how they make sense of what they see. This is especially relevant when so many students are on Zoom.
Robyn Brown, author of A Practical Guide to Curative Education: The Ladder of the Seven Life Processes, based on Steiner’s Curative Education, will take us on a brief ‘guided tour’ of Steiner’s anthroposophical indications about children’s difficulties, and offer some simple interventions we can use.

Ida Oberman, PhD, will share exciting insights from a new field within Waldorf Education: Emergency Pedagogy, using tried and true everyday Waldorf practices (especially handwork!) as interventions to support distressed or traumatized children.

Cynthia Hoven will offer three healing sessions of Eurythmy.

Diana Winston, Waldorf parent and Director of Mindfulness Education at UCLA, will offer us ways to regain our own equanimity and sense of rootedness. We know that we teach who we are to the children, and our frame of mind communicates more than our words.

Betty Staley, renowned educator, mentor, founder of Rudolf Steiner College, author, will share some tools Steiner gave us to reach our students, and ways to find support.

This has been a challenging year for everyone. Come to refresh, renew, and learn innovative methods for teaching handwork across the grades!