WHE Handwork
Curriculum Guides


Waldorf Handwork Educators are pleased to provide you with these comprehensive handwork curriculum guides. We want to share our love of teaching handwork and to inspire others to bring the healing benefits of handwork to children and adults around the world in school and homeschool settings. These materials are drawn from over 50 years of (combined) successful and joyful teaching experience.

Handwork offers a balance to academic learning; it requires planning, perseverance, problem solving, and resilience (when things get tangled!). Children gain a deep sense of satisfaction and self-confidence in the completion of hand-made items that are beautiful, practical and useful.

Working with our hands stimulates the growth of brain synapses, 3-dimensional, and out of the box thinking; it naturally includes language, math, and logical skills; and the rhythmical, repetitive, bilateral hand movements increase serotonin production, combatting anxiety, and providing a respite from everyday challenges and troubles children might experience.

We know that children learn best through imagination. Our handwork curriculum guides include stories and verses to help you introduce new skills in a memorable and magical way. Each grade level also includes a collection of handwork songs. Bring the joy of music to handwork time as you sing with your children. Each song includes sheet music and an audio recording.

An instructional video accompanies each project and pattern to walk you step by step through to the finishing touches. The projects include traditional ‘Waldorf’ projects as well as seasonal ideas, short-term ‘breather’ projects, and some innovations we have found resonate well with children today.

There are more than 50 pages of in-depth teaching guidance delving into child development and the foundations of the handwork curriculum. Practical tips on managing time, resources, and expectations support you in your teaching all year long.

These curriculum guides are written with YOU in mind – whether you are homeschooling, working with a small group, are a new or experienced teacher, or just want to find a way to share what you love with children. You will find help and inspiration here!