1st Grade Handwork Curriculum


The most comprehensive Handwork Curriculum available anywhere! Written by experienced Waldorf Handwork teachers with over 50 years of combined teaching experience. A full year of in depth curriculum.

  • Every child is different and you understand your family's needs better than anyone. We have specifically designed this curriculum so you can work through the projects at your own pace, in a way that best suits your unique family, and your child's needs.

  • 16 Handwork projects with step by step instructional videos           - including knitting projects as well as seasonal and additional side projects to keep your child engaged all year long.

  • 15 "How To" videos give you all the skills you need to successfully teach your children handwork.

  • 50+ Pages of detailed teaching guidance including how, when, and why to teach handwork. Work through these chapters in any order you like and at your own pace. We bring a deep insight into child development, connecting the1st grade horizontal and vertical curriculum, managing time, materials, expectations, and much more!

  • Stories & verses to bring joy and magic to every skill!

  • Dedicated live Zoom classes to support you in your teaching all through the school year. Upcoming Zoom dates:


October 2, December 4, February 5, April 2, 11:30-12:30 Pacific Time

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Our "How To" Videos will walk you step by step through each project and skill including:

  • Making Knitting Needles with Your Child

  • Casting On

  • Casting Off

  • Knitting

  • Problem Solving

  • Picking Up Dropped Stitches

  • Dealing with Extra Stitches

  • Changing Colors

  • K2TOG

  • Counting Rows

  • And so much more....

Each Handwork project comes with a detailed pattern and written instructions, as well as a step by step video to walk you through it so you will feel confident bringing the joy of handwork to your children.

Prepare for the coming school year and buy your handwork curriculum today!

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Reviews of 1st Grade Handwork Curriculum:

"Your pairing of PDF patterns with How-To videos is perfection, and creates opportunities for all kinds of learners to participate."

Robyn Beaufoy Wolfe

Co-Founder Waldorfish : art + resources for teachers and families.


"If you were on a desert island and wanted to teach handwork to a group of children, you couldn’t do better than enrolling in the Homeschool Handwork Curriculum course and starting with the focus on the first grade.  However, you don’t have to be on a desert island. Anywhere that you are located, you may wish to work with a group of children and show them the way.


You will be armed with a treasure trove that would allow you to understand the relationship between child development and handwork, how handwork integrates with other subjects, strengthens the child’s will and helps children create items of beauty and usefulness. This course will explain why you are doing each project. You will find clear directions how to proceed, as well as verses and stories to help the children use their imagination, and so much more. Next you will be led to what projects you can do. You will have a choice of many different projects just right for the first grade. If you need help, there are videos clearly showing you what to do. It is as if you have a friendly partner, modeling, explaining, and helping you along the way.


Although the program offers specific instructions how to keep the children’s attention, and how to carry out the activity, you are also given a great deal of freedom how to shape your classes.


This course is not only for teachers in a homeschool environment. It is useful for any teacher who wishes to deepen their understanding of what, how, and why handwork serves the child. And just a little secret, it is also very helpful for adults who want to develop their own relationship to handwork, who will follow the whole course through the grades, and experience the journey of self- enrichment. Elizabeth Seward and Shellie Smith have designed this course based on years of experience teaching children and teachers. What a great contribution to sharing handwork with children!"

Betty Staley

Waldorf educator, international lecturer and consultant, and author www.Bettykstaley.com