Handwork and the 12 Senses
Educating the Whole Child


Online International Homeschool Handwork Conference

June 22, 23, & 24, 2022

Handwork and the 12 Senses: Teaching the Whole Child


Online International Homeschool Handwork Conference
Handwork and the 12 Senses: Educating the Whole Child

Learn about the 12 senses of touch, life, self-movement, balance, smell, taste, sight, temperature/warmth, hearing, language, thought, and ego. How do these 12 senses develop as children grow? How can we support our child's development through handwork?

3 days, Wednesday - Friday, 9:00am -3:00pm pacific daylight time, for those who are newer to this journey, or teaching your own children or a small group of friends. We offer live teaching and dive into why, when, and how to teach handwork in an effective, lively, and developmentally appropriate way. 

Registration $300 USD

The 12 Senses and Handwork Education - Betty Staley
Author, international speaker, founder of Rudolf Steiner College in California, 50+ years of
experience in teaching students and teacher trainees

Understanding the 12 Senses- Chiaki Uchiyama
Pedagogical Director at Portland Waldorf School

Sensory Motor Skills and Handwork - Kristin Palen
Occupational therapist combining Waldorf education, occupational therapy and nature.

Seeing Through our Children's Eyes - Dr. Elizabeth Nace, OD, FAAO 
Developmental optometrist - recognize not only what our children see,

but how they make sense of it

Centered around bringing the healthy development of the 12 senses through handwork

  • Bring rhythm, balance and movement through whole body handwork 

  • Wet felting

  • Leatherwork

(Alternative materials will be suggested for those who prefer not to work with leather)​

  • Innovative and traditional hand sewing projects

  • Jump rope making and jump rope activities

  • Bean bags, juggling balls and ways to use them

  • Viking whip cording

  • And more!