It's A Lot Of Work! Why Are We Doing This?

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

This is a question I ask every year.

My answer? What could be more fun!

Melanie and I have been teaching handwork in Waldorf schools for over 50 years (combined!), and we have each been teaching homeschool groups for 12 to 15 years. Melanie has been working with Live Education conferences for 10 years.

We both love handwork, and teaching handwork, and are glad to be sharing our skills, our joy in the work - and our hard-won experiences with you. My three children spent the majority of their school years in Waldorf education in Los Angeles and in Germany, and now my four wonderful grandsons are thriving in Waldorf schools in Los Angeles and Houston. As I move into the granny stage of life, I’m particularly happy to be sharing what I have learned so that the next generation of teachers and parents can experience the same kind of joy I have delighted in.

Several years ago, we were sitting on a bench at lunch time at a conference at Rudolf Steiner College near Sacramento, California, and realized we had each been nurturing the same dream: to offer ongoing professional development to colleagues who self-identify as handwork teachers in a Waldorf environment. We’ve been doing this every summer, in a residential retreat setting in the High Mojave Desert. We added a February teacher conference three years ago, and last year, a conference/ workshop for homeschoolers, classroom assistants, and parent volunteers, also in a retreat setting in Los Angeles.

We have very different ways of approaching things, and I believe this is the strength of our partnership. We have been lucky this year to have been joined by two incredible women, both ‘dyed-in-the-wool’ handwork teachers: Shellie, our webmaster, who has an incredible eye for beauty, detail, and follow-through, and by Terry who can handle numbers and figures more easily than I can juggle multiple colored strands of laceweight yarn!

Thank you, and thank you for registering – without you, we couldn’t be doing this!

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