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Prepping Handwork Kits for Sashiko Flute Cases!

Prep, prep, prep those kits! I’m preparing to send home a simple sashiko flute case project for my Second graders. As we have been online learning this year, I have not yet brought knitting. I simply do not have the necessary parent support for knitting at home to be successful. So, I am always looking for innovative ways to bring the same rhythmic, healing benefits of knitting.

The polka dot fabric provides a foundation for this very simple form of sashiko. Over, under, over, under we go across all the long horizontal rows. Then back we come as we work all the long vertical rows. Although this is a different gesture from knitting, I find it has many of the same benefits.

Both left and right hands are fully engaged in the process. We cross the midline as we pull the threads through. Stitch by stitch and row by row; children are increasing eye-hand coordination, tracking eye movement left to right, increasing capacity for concentration and focus. Hand sewing also supports rhythm and develops fine motor skills. The repetitive flow of this work with our hands releases anxiety and brings a deep sense of calm.

Although we are not yet knitting this year, I believe this simple form of sashiko stitching is indeed meeting the goals of handwork at this stage of development while ensuring the children are set up for success with the varied degrees of support they may have at home.

This is one of the many handwork projects we will be teaching at our February handwork conference.

For more details on our February Waldorf Handwork Conference visit our website:

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