Waldorf Handwork Teachers'

Professional Development Series

Join us in exploring the newly broadened horizons of online professional development.

Our first two sections of this course are sold out! Due to the wonderful response we have had we are opening an additional section for this series.


Section 1A Oct 17, Nov 14, Dec 12 8am-11am PDT

Section 1B Oct 17, Nov 14, Dec 12 12pm-3pm PDT

Section 1C Oct 18, Nov 15, & Dec 13 from 2:00pm - 5:00pm PDT.


See below for more information.

Series 1, Fall 2020:

The World of Needlework and Embroidery

October 17, November 14, and December 12, 2020 - 3 Saturdays at 3 hours each

Examples of needlework and embroidery have been found in nearly every world culture throughout history. The goal of this professional development series is to inspire and stimulate research, discussion, and peer learning around traditional needlework and embroidery techniques. We will be taking a deeper look at the methods of Otomi, pulled thread work, and sashiko embroidery.


Each month of this series will include:

  • A detailed pre-recorded video with a new embroidery technique for you to watch and complete in your own time before we meet

  • A selection of brief reading materials from Waldorf / Anthroposophical resources

  • A selection of thought-provoking current event articles on cultural relevance of traditional needlework techniques from 3 regions of the world

Live online gatherings one Saturday per month will include:

  • 1 hour of guided discussions on practical aspects of teaching these techniques and how they can be applied in a synchronous or asynchronous classroom project

  • 1 hour discussion of reading materials. We will look at how we can bring DEI considerations into our handwork classes. In-depth discussions on cultural appropriation / authenticity, and on insights gained as we work these techniques

  • 1 hour of sharing. This is an opportuntiy for you to share needlework traditions from your own heritage or a source of inspiration from a cultural / regional tradition

Be sure to watch the videos, practice the techniques, and read the provided materials in your own time before we meet each month. Get a good head start on the stitching projects BEFORE we meet. Come prepared to share experiences and insights. Bring an item or technique to "show and tell".

If you would like to receive a certificate of completion for this professional development series you will be asked to prepare a manageably-sized 'capstone project' that you will share with us all.


Register early as enrollment is limited!

Registration opens September 1, 2020

Links, videos, and instructions will be sent out on October 3rd so be sure to register before then!