8th Annual Wonder & Wisdom Of Handwork

Waldorf Teacher Conference

July 27th - July 31st, 2020 Online

The Image of The Human Being In The Handwork Curriculum


Age appropriate doll making throughout the grades with a special focus on child development during middle school and the early adolescent years

A combination of live and pre-recorded online instruction, presentation, and discussions, practical hands-on learning, and anthroposophical deepening. Online format supports participation for handwork teachers around the world! Email for international details.
Guest teachers include: Betty Staley, Christine Schreier, Dahlia Haberman, Jennifer Aguirre, Samiah Hinton, and Hana Khatib

The image of the human being appears in many ways throughout the Waldorf curriculum. It is incorporated into stories, songs, and handwork so that children and youth may grow into whole and healthy human beings. In our 2020 Wonder & Wisdom of Handwork Summer conference we will explore the image of the human being in handwork on a deeper level.

Which kind of doll is appropriate at which age?  Why is it important to make a doll in the middle school years? Is it enough to provide various skin colors? How about clothing traditions? What is important in presenting the image of the human being to children? How does Steiner’s pedagogical law relate to all this? We will make different types of dolls and puppets together, draw, paint, and delve into deeper questions. Classroom management, practical applications, and child development will factor into every topic.

Betty Staley will present on child development in the middle school years. We will delve into the unique challenges and opportunities in this rapidly evolving phase of life.

Tending The Spark, Lighting The Future For Middle School Students

Christine Schreier of The Puppenstube will talk about her professional doll-making experience, share tips and techniques, and share her opinions about rightful reverence of the human form.

Jennifer Aguirre will share the puppetry curriculum she has developed for all 8 grades, and implemented over the last 21 years.

Samiah Hinton will help us develop clothing patterns.

Dahlia Haberman will share her experience in making sand dolls with 7th graders.

Hana Khatib will guide us through photographing and video-ing our work for online presentation; discussion and sharing of best practices.


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