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Handwork Teacher Development Program
Accepting WAITLIST applications for 2022 / 2023 Cycle
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Our 2022 /23 Cycle Courses Begin in January 2022!
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We offer a deep understanding of the essence of handwork and its pedagogical value within the broader Waldorf curriculum. Building on Steiner’s indications, we explore the ways in which Waldorf handwork education can honor multiple traditions in independent, public, or home-school settings.

We provide you with the resources to meet each child in a developmentally appropriate way, to succeed in your collegial work, parent education, and development of your personal inner work, helping you thrive as a handwork teacher in the long term. 

Homeschool Handwork Conference June 2022
Online international homeschool handwork conference June 22, 23, & 24, 2022 Handwork and the 12 Senses: Teaching the Whole Child 3 days, Wednesday - Friday, 9:00am -3:00pm pacific daylight time

This is a two year handwork teacher development program, classes will begin in January. We will meet online one weekend per month. Enrollment in the Handwork Teacher Training program includes the 3-day February conference, and the 5-day July conference.

In our 2 years together we will be digging deep into foundations of teaching handwork. View a list of prerequisite skills, participation expectations, and graduation requirements below.

We will work our way through grades 1-8 in Modules. Each month you will receive a selection of reading materials, patterns, project instructions, resources, and assignments to complete in your own time before we meet.

Taking Hands Around the World
Working online makes it possible to include colleagues from many countries, enriching our work to the benefit of all the children in our care. Our Handwork teacher training courses are scheduled Saturday and Sunday, one weekend a month.

For additional international options click HERE.


Student Info

Prerequisite Skills, Participation, and Graduation Requirements

2022 Dates

View all weekend and conference dates for 1st and 2nd semester 2022

Course Fees

View full tuition and payment plan options

Financial Aid

View financial aid options

As we work through each grade level you will learn handwork projects, stories, verses, and more to build a full and rich handwork program. In addition to the practical skills we will explore the following topics: 

Child development

  • The heart of our work. How does the handwork curriculum support and strengthen children in their development as whole human beings? 

The healing aspects of handwork

  • Meaningful work nourishes the whole human being: head, heart, and hands. Handwork supports the development of the full potential for each child: physical, emotional, social and intellectual, in a way that affirms and empowers them as a productive member of their community. SO important in these difficult times!

Horizontal integrated curriculum

  • Experience what the children experience, as we practice Eurythmy together, and sing, do form-drawing, listen to stories and celebrate each other! Learn how the handwork curriculum supports the main lesson and other special subject curriculums.

Practical classroom skills

  • Learn and discuss multiple approaches to classroom management; keeping supplies orderly and organized; what kinds of materials to use or substitute; how to stay ahead of all the preparation; how to use rhythm, anticipation – and stories and imagination – to meet the needs of a whole handwork class at the same time. 


Diversity, equity, inclusion

  • Make sure you welcome all children into the handwork class. Consider cultural diversity, neurodiversity, family diversity, and accommodations for advanced students as well as those who need extra support. 


Sharpening observational skills

  • Practice exercises to observe clearly, withholding judgement, avoiding assumptions. Learn and practice how to develop interest and stay ‘in the question’.


Forward thinking

  • Do you have the tools to meet the children, global citizens of the 21st century? Deepen your understanding of Waldorf pedagogy, and explore ways to adapt to the changing needs of children today and tomorrow – and their children! (We hope you will be teaching for a long time!)


The social mission of Waldorf/ Steiner schools

  • Why were Waldorf schools founded? How does handwork play its part in educating children to their full potential, so they can become active and contributing members of society?


Parent volunteers, aides and assistants

  • Build a knowledgeable and caring team to surround the children; work as complementary partners, modeling fairness and cooperation, mutual respect and willingness to learn. Children learn more than they are taught! 

Self care, inner work, meditations

  • Find inner balance and comfortably establish your role as a teacher. This is crucial to a Waldorf teacher’s work; understand and care for yourself as you educate children. Practice meditations which will help you find equanimity in classroom situations. 

Working with colleagues and parents

  • Learn to team up productively and joyfully with colleagues and parents who are such important partners in our chosen task. They surround the children with care and interest in ways complementary to our own


Contributing to child study

  • Learn why child study is such an important tool for teachers, and how and why handwork teachers have such an important part to play

Share with friends, parent volunteers, furloughed teachers, home-schoolers and others who may be interested!
Apply today and prepare for an enrollment interview. Space will be limited!

Full Application Process:

Step 1.

Fill out the application form and submit along with $75 USD non-refundable application fee before December 1, 2021.

Step 2.

Within 2 weeks of receiving your application you will be contacted to schedule an individual “in person” zoom interview to get to know each other, answer any questions, and determine if this program is a good fit for you.

Step 3.

You will receive an acceptance letter and enrollment contract with payment plan information.

Click HERE for Payment plan options.

Non-refundable tuition deposit of $225 due upon signing of enrollment contract. This tuition deposit will be applied towards your first tuition payment.

Financial aid decisions will be made in early December 2021 and applicants will be notified.

Step 4.

January 1, 2022 first tuition payment is due. Reading materials and project instructions will be sent out for our January segment.

Our current students say: 


"This training has been, in short, soul affirming. It has deepened my understanding of Handwork, broadened my knowledge of Waldorf pedagogy, and brought me so many practical projects and lessons for my students. Our cohort has become a beautiful family from all four corners of the earth. I'm so grateful for this rich, inclusive, and diverse training program." 


"This course has been invaluable to me. The best is how diverse and far reaching it is. Also the depth and thought that has gone into each element of the course is exceptional."


"We all work the same thread and yet the world is different for each of us. Being from India and interacting with colleagues across borders, the course has given me an opportunity to reinforce my previous learnings as well as pause to think about what we can do differently going forward."


"Structure, diversity, and depth define this training. The training is very thoughtfully planned and very well executed. Both Elizabeth and Shellie bring wisdom and experience which makes this training truly what it is.

Thank you again."