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Collaboration & Innovation: Teaching Special Subjects in Waldorf Schools 
Hands and Voices Across the Curriculum

Online International Subject Teacher Conference

Save the Date! July 17-20, 2023

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Online International Conference for Special Subject Teachers in Waldorf Schools

Special subject teachers are a vital part of Waldorf education. When teachers are able to work together as a team, the greatest learning takes place. This conference is open to ALL Waldorf teachers, subject teachers and class teachers.


We know we are teaching so much more than skills or projects. We are teaching more than language, music, handwork, or movement. We are teaching CHILDREN. All of us together.


When we work as a team and connect our lessons with each other we give the children the deep inner feeling of - “it all makes sense”.


Join together with subject teachers from around the world to bring your teaching to the next level.


Learn innovative ways to connect with your colleagues to better meet the needs of the children in your care.


Sharpen your ability to observe children without judgment, share with other teachers, and integrate your insights into your teaching.


“A united faculty of teachers, functioning like the soul and spirit of the entire school organism, is absolutely fundamental to running a Waldorf school.  . . . this is how teacher meetings become like the blood that must flow through the school as a living organism. Everything else will fall into place, as long as that is allowed to happen.”


From Lecture 8, The Child’s Changing Consciousness as the Basis for Pedagogical Practice. Rudolf Steiner


We are looking for special subject teachers in Waldorf schools who are collaborating together in innovative ways. Do you know any teachers who actively teach projects or activities that connect across subjects? A gardening teacher and a woodworking teacher who collaborate on a special project, or a language teacher and a music teacher who work together? A special subject teacher who is collaborating with a class teacher? Send us your recommendations of teachers who are actively collaborating and who may be willing to share their experience in this exciting conference. We are looking forward to bringing together teachers of all subjects for this special conference to connect, innovate, and inspire each other!


Email your suggestions to

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