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Collaboration & Innovation: Teaching Special Subjects in Waldorf Schools Hands and Voices Across the Curriculum

Online International Subject Teacher Conference

July 17-20, 2023

9:00am to 3:00pm Pacific Time

See below for special school team discounts!

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Click below to view the draft schedule for the conference
Registered participants click below to access the conference materials page.
Online International Conference for Special Subject Teachers in Waldorf Schools
Special subject teachers are a vital part of Waldorf education. When teachers are able to work together as a team, the greatest learning takes place. This conference is open to ALL Waldorf teachers, subject teachers and class teachers.

We know we are teaching so much more than skills or projects. We are teaching more than language, music, handwork, or movement. We are teaching CHILDREN. All of us together.
When we work as a team and connect our lessons with each other we give the children the deep inner feeling of - “it all makes sense”.
Join together with subject teachers from around the world to bring your teaching to the next level.
Learn innovative ways to connect with your colleagues to better meet the needs of the children in your care.
Sharpen your ability to observe children without judgment, share with other teachers, and integrate your insights into your teaching.
“A united faculty of teachers, functioning like the soul and spirit of the entire school organism, is absolutely fundamental to running a Waldorf school.  . . . this is how teacher meetings become like the blood that must flow through the school as a living organism. Everything else will fall into place, as long as that is allowed to happen.”
From Lecture 8, The Child’s Changing Consciousness as the Basis for Pedagogical Practice. Rudolf Steiner

Note: If you would like a certificate of participation you must purchase one in advance. Be sure to add it to your cart when you check out with your conference tickets.

Internationally Renowned Keynote Speakers


Kim John Payne

Author, Simplicity Parenting, international speaker, counselor, and educator. A consultant and trainer to over 230 U.S. independent and public schools

Kevin Avison.png

Kevin Avison

Editor, TheTasks and Content of the Steiner Waldorf Curriculum (2014) Author,  Introduction to the new edition of Steiner’s Curriculum for Waldorf Schools



Class teacher for 30 years in England and Germany, teacher educator, mentor, advisor in Germany, Britain, Asia, and Africa, co-founder of Waldorf Modern Teacher Education UK

Special Pricing for School Teams

Note: If you would like a certificate of participation you must purchase one in advance. Be sure to add it to your cart when you check out with your conference tickets.

Please read carefully the information below. Coupons must be entered at the time of purchase and cannot be applied retroactively.
​Individual Ticket:
  • Regular price $400 USD
  • Financial aid available if needed and requested
School Teams Discounts:
  • Buy one get one 50% off for 2 teachers from the same school = 2 tickets for total of $600 USD (average $300 each) Enter coupon code TeamTwo at checkout
  • 5 pack tickets: for teams of 5 teachers from the same school = $1000 USD (average $200 each) Enter coupon code TeamFive at checkout
  • financial aid available if needed and requested 
We want to encourage as many subject teachers as possible to attend, as this will greatly enrich the experience and the discussions for everyone
For more information on applying for additional financial aid click below.
For detailed instructions on how to apply coupons at checkout click below.

Active Engagement & Collaboration

A closer look at what we have in store:
Keynotes and Windows into the Classrooms:
The day will begin with whole group experiences, including keynote presentations and windows into other classrooms. Gain insight into each other’s work and build mutually supportive teams! 
Working With our Hands:
Each day will bring a practical project to engage our hands as we listen to the various presenters. These will be simple handmade items that we will make together live and can be used in any classroom. See below for more details!
Cross-curricular Work Sessions:
Afternoons will be devoted to working 'break-out' or connection groups. Teachers will consider specific ways to connect 'across' the curriculum with each other in order to teach through each other’s subjects, as Steiner recommended.
Conference will include sessions on:
  • Strategies to improve effective communication between teachers 
  • Supporting students through class transitions 
  • Strategies to support children with special needs 
  • Raising the professionalism of subject teachers by contributing effectively to the needs of the school as a whole. 
All participants will walk away with:
  • A virtual library of practical resources and suggestions for putting cross curricular connection into action
  • Tools to take back and share with full faculty to inspire collaboration and connection
  • Strategies to build trust, understanding, and communication between all teachers on their faculty
Click below to view the draft schedule for the conference:

Note: If you would like a certificate of participation you must purchase one in advance. Be sure to add it to your cart when you check out with your conference tickets.

Subject Specific Gatherings

Optional subject specific gatherings will be hosted each day after the conference. Connect with colleagues who teach your subject!

Subject groups will depend on enrollment and may include:

World Languages
Practical Arts (Handwork, Woodwork, 

And more...


Handwork Projects

We are so thrilled to be bringing together teachers from all subjects in this conference. And we understand there will be a wide variety of handwork skills among the participants. Some teachers may be brand new to handwork, others may be very experienced handwork teachers. We strive to meet the needs of all teachers as we bring handwork projects to engage our hearts, hands, and minds as we connect and collaborate throughout the week. 

For many projects we will offer a 'challenge by choice' buffet of options ranging from very simple to advanced. Participants will choose which level suits their own needs.
Practical Projects:

Weaving Us All Together - Woven Band Balls in the style of Sepak Takraw
With Yoriko Yamamoto

Mindfulness - A Slow Stitching Journey
With Shellie Smith

Reflections - Simple Signature Stitched Journal Making
With Elizabeth Seward

Building Relationships - Weighted Rag Balls 4 ways 
With Shellie Smith

A Pathway Forward - Paper Celtic Knots
With Elizabeth Seward
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