Questions & Answers:

1. What supplies will I need?

Supplies are basic. Specific supply lists will be sent out by February 1, 2021

2. When will you send the articles and pre-recorded videos?

We will email the links and reading materials to registered participants on February 1, 2021

3. Can I participate from a different country or time zone?

YES! We are eager to extend our network around the globe – one of the silver linings of this Covid cloud.

4. Where can I check my time zone?

PLEASE be sure to check your times with a website such as

NOTE: times are given in Pacific Time.

5. Will the sessions be recorded?

No, the live sessions will not be recorded. Nothing can replace the experience of coming together in community. Any pre-recorded project video recordings will be available to conference participants for a limited number of weeks after the conference.


6. How do I pay?

All conference payments are accepted through the website. In the checkout you may choose to pay with a credit card or Paypal.

7. How do I apply for financial aid?

Email, briefly describe the reason for your request, and give a suggested (total) amount you (and/or your school) would be able to pay in US dollars. We must weigh available funds against requests, and will get back to you as soon as we can.

You must name a specific dollar amount you (and/or your school) are able to contribute, in US dollars.

8. If I have to cancel can I get a refund?


Short Course Cancellation and Refund Policy​:

If you are enrolled in a short course (professional development, skills workshop, February or July conferences) and need to cancel, you must do so ​in writing​ to

●  A full refund can be made 4 weeks or more before the beginning of the course (minus a $30 administrative fee).

  •  A partial refund of 75% can be made 1 - 4 weeks before the beginning of the course.

  • No refunds can be made within one week of the start date for the course.


9. What will I learn in these conferences?

Every year, we re-affirm our original intent for our Teacher Conferences:

  • The goal of our programs is to inspire and stimulate research, discussion, and peer learning around practices and principles of handwork taught in a Waldorf setting;

  • To deepen our understanding of our work and refine our skills; 

  • To balance the outpouring of the school year by reconnecting with colleagues and rediscovering balance, passion and purpose; 

  • To refine communication skills with our students, colleagues, administrators, parents and peers; 

  • To strengthen our roles in leadership with the backing, confidence, and unity of many Handwork Teachers as supporters. 


10. Do you award certificates of participation?

For teachers who would like to keep a record of professional development, we offer certificates of participation.


11. Is additional one-to-one mentoring and coaching available?

Yes! Contact us for more info.


12. I have more questions!

If you have read the responses above, and still have questions, do not hesitate to reach out directly to Elizabeth at

If you have questions or (polite!) feedback about the website, reach out to our webmaster, Shellie, at

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