Questions & Answers:

1. There are two conferences. Which is right for me?

We aim to serve as broad a group of people as possible who are interested in Handwork in the Waldorf curriculum. We also recognize there may be two streams of interest and experience. For this reason we offer two related, but different conferences:

  • The Teacher Conference will focus on teaching a group of students, likely online this year. We will expect at least some background in and familiarity with the principles and practices of the Waldorf Curriculum as a whole. We will include discussions of classroom management and move fairly quickly through the skills, inviting colleagues to share their experiences. The teacher conference is open to anyone who self-identities as teaching others in a Waldorf environment. 

  • The Parent Circle Conference is for homeschoolers, classroom volunteers, and assistants who want to learn more about the arc of the handwork curriculum and its place in the overall Waldorf curriculum, and who want to learn or refine their handwork skills. We will coach you through one to one, in person teaching.


2. Can I participate from a different country or time zone?

YES! We are eager to extend our network around the globe – one of the silver linings of this Covid cloud.


3. Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes! Nothing can replace a ‘live’ experience of presence and community, but recording sessions will allow our friends and colleagues in different time zones, or with children at home, to participate according to their needs. Some sessions will be pre-recorded, and we plan on recording the live sessions, with permission of the participants. The recordings will be available to conference participants for a limited number of weeks after the conference.


4. How do I apply for a scholarship?

Email, briefly describe the reason for your request, and give a suggested (total) amount you (and/or your school) would be able to pay in US dollars. We must weigh available funds against requests, and will get back to you as soon as we can, on or before July 8. 


You must name a specific dollar amount you (and/or your school) are able to contribute, in US dollars.


5. How do I pay?

All conference payments are accepted through the website. In the checkout you may choose to pay with a credit card or Paypal.


6. What will I learn in these conferences?

Every year, we re-affirm our original intent for our Teacher Conferences:

  • To deepen our understanding of our work and refine our skills; 

  • To balance the outpouring of the school year by reconnecting with colleagues and rediscovering balance, passion and purpose; 

  • To refine communication skills with our students, colleagues, administrators, parents and peers; 

  • To strengthen our roles in leadership with the backing, confidence, and unity of many Handwork Teachers as supporters. 


For our Parent Circle Conferences, we are in process of defining our goals. They will include:


  • Sharing our combined 50+ years of experience in teaching handwork within the framework of Waldorf education with homeschooling families, parent volunteers in the classroom, and classroom handwork assistants.

  • Inviting those not (yet) teaching in schools to understand and value the place of handwork in education and in our lives

  • Offering a glimpse into the carefully articulated Waldorf curriculum as a whole, and the place of each subject in addressing the Head, Heart, and Hands of each child

  • Teaching specific skills and discussing their appropriate and enlivening place in the development of children

7. I’m a teacher, I’ve made and taught many others to make dolls. Can I attend just some sessions?

Once registered, you are free to attend as many sessions as you choose. The teacher conference will move fairly quickly through the practicalities, and spend more time sharing tips, techniques, and insights with each other. Melanie and Elizabeth both firmly believe we can all learn from each other at every stage of teaching. We invite discussion and sharing, and as ever, the conference will cover far more than the ‘what’ of handwork. We all benefit from each teacher’s contribution and experience.


8. Do you award certificates of completion?

For teachers who would like to keep a record of professional development, we offer certificates of participation.


9. Is additional one-to-one mentoring and coaching available?

Yes! Contact us in August at, or check back on our website.


10. I have more questions!

If you have read the responses above, and still have questions, do not hesitate to reach out directly to Elizabeth at 

If you have questions or (polite!) feedback about the website, reach out to our webmaster, Shellie, at

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