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Professional support and resources for teaching, collegial and community work.
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Video Recordings

Betty Staley

Teaching Children Today: Finding the Balance

This presentation was given at the Waldorf Handwork Educators Online International February Handwork Conference on 2-22-22


Need Help With Your Supply order?

We at Waldorf Handwork Educators have compiled our best tips and tricks for handwork supply orders from a group of handwork teachers and admin office experts with over 70 years of combined experience.

Weaving the Threads: Collaborative Strategies for a Stronger Waldorf Curriculum

A collection of the ideas generated during the collaborative, cross-disciplinary work groups at WHE’s summer conference Collaboration and Innovation: Hands and Voices Across the Curriculum, July 17 – 20, 2023.  Share with your whole faculty and consider new ways to work and teach together.

One-Day Projects for Beginning 1st Grade

One-day projects to boost confidence before jumping into knitting. These simple projects provide invaluable time for building relationships with students, setting them up for success, and instilling a lifelong love for handwork! 

Building a Healthy Robust Handwork Program

Recommended best practices for schools compiled by Waldorf Handwork Educators and the Fiber Craft Studio in June 2021. Share with administrators and board members.

Mentoring and Evaluation 

Recommendations for mentoring and evaluation practices for handwork teachers. Share with administrators and colleagues.

Educate, Participate, Advocate

Tips for special subject teachers on building healthy relationships with colleagues, administration, board of trustees, and parents in a Waldorf school.

How Handwork Supports Your Child’s Growth and Development

Share with colleagues and parents

Why We Knit in 1st grade

Share with colleagues and parents

Verses for the Grades

Accompany these with consistent and rhythmical meaningful movements. The students will learn and internalize the verses more easily and will benefit from large motor stretching movements before and after the challenging fine finger coordination of knitting.

Handwork Supplies

Special Discounts on Handwork Supplies

Enjoy these special discounts exclusively for the Waldorf Handwork Educators Community!

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