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Natural Onion Skins Dye
with After Baths

Onion Dye 2.jpg

Working with natural plant dyes is a magical process and onion skins are a great place to start because they are so easy to work with. In this video series we will teach you how to use red and yellow onion skins to dye any natural fiber from cloth to yarn or thread. Each different fiber will have different results. Using the methods we share for 3 simple after baths you will learn how to shift the pH and modify your colors to create literally dozens of different shades including pink, yellow, orange, brown, green, and black.


Whether you plan to dye yarn, fabric, or clothing, animal, or plant fibers, we’ve got you covered. will walk you through every step from collecting your materials, preparing your fibers, simmering your dyes and working with after bath modifiers to create beautiful colors that are ling lasting.


This is a wonderful course for anyone who is interested in natural dyes, whether it is your first time, or you are an experienced dyer. This video series is for you. Join us to learn about the magic of onion skins and after baths.

Handwork Curriculum

1st, 2nd & 3rd Grades

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