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Doll Making Series

Elizabeth will guide you stitch by stitch through making a traditional “Waldorf” doll, from preparing and assembling the body, through specific instructions for stuffing and shaping the head, to guidelines for the facial features and hair. Our pattern for a 12-13” doll, a list of materials needed, and suggestions and basic ideas for clothing will also be included.

Together, we will explore what is the essence of a doll which represents the form of a human being, and appreciate that imperfect is normal, distorted is something to avoid.


If this is your first doll, you will be guided through ‘failsafe’ techniques. If you are teaching a class of middle-schoolers, you will learn about best practices and how to guide the students through the more subtle steps. This series includes ten separate videos so you can follow along with each stage of the process at your own pace.


Also included for you are two bonus projects for simpler dolls. You will find a bonus video for making a simple doll head along with patterns & instructions for making a star baby and a sack doll.

Basic sewing skills are needed.

Handwork Curriculum

1st, 2nd & 3rd Grades

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