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- Pulling Together -
Innovation & Ecological Sustainability in Handwork

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Find the balance between innovating to meet the needs of our students here and now, while staying true to the foundations of Waldorf principles.

Pull together with colleagues around the world and hear from international experts.
Learn solution-based, ecologically sustainable handwork projects to bring to your students.

Link to conference materials page for registered participants

February Handwork Conference Online 2022 

Innovation and Ecological Sustainability in Handwork

Online February 20, 21, 22 (Sunday-Tuesday) 9am - 3:30pm Pacific Standard Time

Open to all handwork teachers in public, private, homeschool, and other settings

Registration opens January 1, 2022
$275 USD


Photo Gallery
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Wild Basketry - Catalan Trays

Kantha Stitching

Traditionally Kantha can take many years to complete. Some of these are beautiful works in progress!