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Online All Subjects Conference

Teaching Special Subjects in Waldorf Schools

July 22-25, 2024


Special subject teachers are a vital part of Waldorf education. When teachers are able to work together as a team, the greatest learning takes place. This conference is open to ALL Waldorf teachers, subject teachers and class teachers.

We know we are teaching so much more than skills or projects. We are teaching more than language, music, handwork, or movement. We are teaching CHILDREN. All of us together.
When we work as a team and connect our lessons with each other we give the children the deep inner feeling of - “it all makes sense”.

Join together with subject teachers from around the world to bring your teaching to the next level. 

Reviews from 2023 conference participants
(The All-Subjects conference) was really great and extremely relevant. I was so happy that our school had five attending. During our [school's] Preview Days in August, we had time on the agenda for sharing from professional development that teachers had participated in over the summer, and I was very impressed with the takeaways from this conference! So, thank you to both Elizabeth and Shellie for an excellent experience. Every one of the speakers was inspiring and I want to hear them over again. I am looking forward to what's in store for next summer and know that my colleagues will be too.
From Lisa Carrow, Faculty Chair, Aurora Waldorf School, New York

Click below to see full details of our all subjects conference in 2023

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