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Handwork and the 12 Senses
Educating the Whole Child


Online International

Handwork  Conference

July 18-21, 2022

Handwork and the 12 Senses: Teaching the Whole Child

Registered participants have access to conference materials for 1 year


Online International Handwork Teaching Conference
Handwork and the 12 Senses: Educating the Whole Child

Learn about the 12 senses of touch, life, self-movement, balance, smell, taste, sight, temperature/warmth, hearing, language, thought, and ego. How do these 12 senses develop as children grow? How can we support our student's development through handwork?

4 days, Monday - Thursday, 9 - 3 pacific daylight time, for anyone who self-identifies as a handwork teacher in a Waldorf setting, school or homeschool.

Live teaching and renowned guest speakers.

Balance the outpouring of the school year by reconnecting with colleagues and rediscovering balance, passion and purpose as we deepen the foundations of teaching handwork.


Registration $400 USD

The 12 Senses and Handwork Education - Betty Staley
Author, international speaker, founder of Rudolf Steiner College in California, 50+ years of
experience in teaching students and teacher trainees


Connecting the Lower and Upper Senses- Kevin Avison

Editor, TheTasks and Content of the Steiner Waldorf Curriculum (2014) Author,

Introduction to the new edition of Steiner’s Curriculum for Waldorf Schools


Development of the 12 Windows of the Soul - Chiaki Uchiyama
Pedagogical Director at Portland Waldorf School

Sensory Motor Skills and Handwork - Kristin Palen
Occupational therapist combining Waldorf education, occupational therapy and nature.

Seeing Through our Children's Eyes - Dr. Gary Etting, OD., F.C.O.V.D.
Developmental optometrist - recognize not only what our children see,

but how they make sense of it

Centered around bringing the healthy development of the 12 senses through handwork

  • Seamless wet felting with resist

  • Leatherwork

(Alternative materials will be suggested for those who prefer not to work with leather)

  • Rhythm, balance and movement through whole body handwork 

  • Innovative and traditional hand sewing projects

  • Jump rope making and jump rope activities

  • Bean bags, juggling balls and ways to use them

  • Viking whip cording

  • And more!

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