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The Art of Teaching Handwork


About Us

We are dedicated to deepening the understanding and enjoyment of teaching Waldorf handwork. We offer curriculum, teacher training, conferences, professional development, and handwork skills classes for Waldorf handwork teachers and homeschoolers. All programs are led by Elizabeth Seward and Shellie Smith with 50+ years of combined teaching experience.

Upcoming Programs and Resources

To watch the recording of Betty Staley's presentation on teaching children today visit our Community Resources page

Beginning knitting

Fair Isle knitting

Knitting in round

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Teaching Special Subjects in

Waldorf Schools

July 22-25, 2024

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1st, 2nd, & 3rd grade curriculum guides

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Online International

Handwork Teacher Training


Support & Resources for Handwork

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Learn handwork skills

at your own pace

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Handwork Teacher Development Courses 

In this two year handwork teacher development program we offer a deep understanding of the essence of handwork and its pedagogical value within the broader Waldorf curriculum.

Handwork Curriculum

1st, 2nd and 3rd Grades


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