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Can Knitting Cure Covid?

Updated: Jun 27, 2022


Can it help?


Knitting, or most any other handwork activity which requires rhythmical repetitive movements will promote the production of serotonin, which regulates mood, cognition, reward, learning, memory, and numerous other physiological processes. The complex bi-lateral movements engage multiple areas of the brain, which – in laymen’s terms – leaves less room for worry, anxiety, fear. Handwork grounds us in our primary sense of touch. Engaging in meaningful work – especially if this is making something for someone else – alleviates our sense of isolation and separation. Bathing our senses in the color of the fiber or fabric is therapeutic in itself.

It’s great to know our own sense of the truth of these insights is now also recognized in mainstream circles. Here’s a link to a very recent NY Times article. You do have to read to the bottom for the link, but it’s there!

I’m also honored to be offering a workshop at the online Alliance for Public Waldorf Education conference in January 2021, where I will cover more of these well-researched findings. Shellie has made a beautiful video to accompany my talk.

Join us in February for the Handwork Conference, where we will explore the topic from many different directions!

Keep Calm And Keep Knitting – or sewing – or spinning – or making baskets – or ……. What have you found helpful?

From the NY Times, Dec 21:


Looking for a new hobby? Knitting is relatively inexpensive and has great mental health benefits.

Alliance for Public Waldorf Education Conference:

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