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Christine of The Puppenstube

Christine of The Puppenstube is a professional Waldorf doll-maker, and a featured teacher in both conferences. I’ve known her for many years, and I’ve known her dolls for much longer. I used to go into our school store, just to see if they had any more of her dolls on the shelves.

A few years ago, I was able to attend one of her rare workshops, and I made a couple of the beautiful little dolls I had admired for so long. I was amazed by three things:

· Her speed – her fingers flew through the careful, intricate movements needed to make such a lovely little figure. She often caught herself, and said “I’d better do that again, so you can see what I’m doing”. Then she would slow down for us.

· Her generosity in sharing her professional speed-doll-making techniques. No worries about industrial espionage, or trade secrets. It is true, though, that it would take us mere mortals a lot of time and dedicated effort to match her output.

· Most profoundly, her care and dedication to putting a little something extra into each doll. She works fast, makes a lot of similar dolls, but each is unique and graced with something individual. She thinks deeply about the process of creating an image of the human being, and does not take her work lightly. She lights a candle and enters into a mood of reverence as she puts the finishing touches on each doll, and brings them to life.

Talking with Christine was one of the many highlights as we prepared these conferences. Our conversation will be shared in both conferences, and give us much to consider and explore.

Photo: I think her three dolls in this photo have beards and are wearing yellow. Mine are the ‘others’. Christine would be able to tell immediately which were hers.

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