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Doll Making Books We Love

Today was day one of The Wonder & Wisdom of Handwork Parent Circle Conference. It was an amazing day of learning new skills, sharing insights and reflections, and making new friends. We worked together to stuff the doll body and shape the head. As our hands worked together we shared rich discussions. We delved deeper into doll making as a reflection of the developmental stages of the human being. We looked at the pros and cons of various doll making techniques and styles. And we learned that when dolls are made with love and reverence, there is no right or wrong way to sew a stitch. Alternative and recycled materials can make beautiful dolls. It's all about the intention we bring to this work with our head, heart, and hands.

We discussed a few of our favorite doll making books to add to your collection of handwork resources.

Karin Neuschütz – The Doll Book. Trans. By Ingun Schneider, Larson Press, 1982

A classic, also very helpful in terms of different kinds of dolls, creative free play, the value of play, etc.

Maricristin Sealey – Making Waldorf Dolls. Hawthorn Press, 2005

Really helpful drawings and diagrams, extensive clothing suggestions

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