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Eastern Sierras of Mexico and Gond Tribe in Central India

The discussion in today's Saturday handwork teachers' zoom led us into the world of color, animism, shamanism, and the question of what we are are actually perceiving. Do some folk artists see a different dimension, perhaps a supernatural reality, in the colors they use to depict forms in nature?

I read Shellie's post about her deep dive into Otomi Tenangos from the Eastern Sierras in Mexico (for our upcoming Professional Development series). Then I saw an email from Deepali in Mumbai, India. In our discussion, she had also been struck by the traditions and colors of the Otomi Tenangos, and shared these photos and links about Gond Art in Central India, in Madhya Pradesh. Take a look, and wonder at the wisdom of folk traditions in such different parts of our world! Thank you, Deepali, and thank you for sending these videos as well, where you will find many more beautiful images:

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Oct 08, 2020

Do you know of other traditions like these?

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