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Is online handwork possible?

Updated: Jul 1, 2020


6 months ago, I would have said "NO!", but Melanie and I just spent a week with a most inspiring group of teachers planning, preparing, and recording sessions for our online conferences. One particular conversation stands out. It was unexpected and unplanned, but our 'conference doulas' - Hana Khatib and her sister Aurelia - had the foresight to say "just talk to each other", and they placed a couple of chairs outside in the play yard at East Bay Waldorf School. Karen Gallagher, eurythmist, and I spoke about the pain and sadness of being 'broken open' by having our teaching style torn apart, missing the children's presence, but finding new ways to connect, and more importantly, to help the children and their caring adults live deeper into what we are trying to teach - which goes well beyond what we do in the classroom.

This interview and snippets of Karen's online work, will be an important part of each conference.

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