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Parent Circle Conference - from Gehad in Sheffield, England

Gehad Khaled

shared her thoughts on the Wonder & Wisdom of Handwork Parent Circle Conference:

I'm really enjoying every second of this conference thanks to you and all the others. Yesterday, after finishing our conversation about dolls, I couldn’t sleep. I did my bedtime routine as usual and lay down pondering Hana’s question “What is this all about?”

I told you how my 9 year old daughter said to her father how men must have different feelings towards the doll because he is a father while she is a mother! But I know that my husband is the second best father I met in my life after my Dad, the first one. Then came Ana’s view speaking of temperaments and how they might affect how children perceive their dolls. JoJo spoke about her Jordanian heritage and culture; Kate raised the idea of what motherhood and the children’s home environment has to do with handwork. Melanie was wondering how it would be to make dolls with a group of men. Hana, Deepali, and Melanie shared their feelings about their childhood dolls and Naoko told us a story about the need for a family expressed through making a family of elephant dolls.

I was wondering “What is this all about?” and I started seeing something, I saw the common factor between all of these ideas, it is the human being! It is all about freeing the human being. I think that we all agree with Steiner’s goal of raising The Free Human Being. We pay attention to every detail because we know it has something to do with the development of this free human being.

And handwork is all about freedom. It is when we stand upright that we are able to free our hands and start our handwork journey towards spiritual freedom.

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