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Who Knew?

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

My head is still spinning from last week, planning and recording sessions for the summer conferences. Hana and her sisters used their phones, Melanie is uploading to vimeo, Shellie is mastering the website, Terry tracks registrations and payments. I stay in touch with your questions, hoping my responses reach around the world reliably. How could I have imagined this, even 6 months ago?

I grew up – “last millennium” – in England. We got a television when I was 11. People stood in their houses when the national anthem played at the end of programming for the day – around 10pm. My parents always stood formally to answer the phone (land-line of course).

I sent my first email visiting my daughter in Durham, England, in the library of the old castle where I also held in my hands a 12th century account of the life of Margaret, Queen of Scotland.

Who could have guessed that in my lifetime I would be ‘writing’ at my desk in Los Angeles, and this would be posted – somewhere in cyberspace - for all to read around the world?

How can we prepare the children in our care for the unimaginable changes they will experience in their lifetime? How can teaching handwork support them?

We will explore these questions and more in our FIRST ONLINE INTERNATIONAL HANDWORK CONFERENCES this year. Register now.

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