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Who WHE Are - Waldorf Handwork Educators

The Wonder and Wisdom of Handwork was founded in 2013 for anyone who self-identifies as a teacher of handwork in a Waldorf setting. We began as a small group holding in person summer conferences in a retreat setting in Southern California. In 2018 we held our first February conference. Our organization has evolved over the years. In order to meet changing needs, we pivoted to online conferences in July 2020. With this new growth came a new name, and a renewed purpose.

Today Waldorf Handwork Educators has expanded to offer a wide variety of programs. In addition to our July and February conferences we now offer professional development opportunities, handwork skills classes for home-based learning and new teachers, and a two year handwork teacher training program. Offering these programs online allows us to welcome colleagues from around the world, creating space to learn from the diversity of our shared experiences.

Waldorf Handwork Educators is dedicated to:

  • Offering the highest quality, forward-thinking professional development and teacher

training for handwork teachers in Waldorf schools and other educational settings

  • Bringing the Waldorf Handwork curriculum to home-schooling parents and home based programs who seek to bring handwork to their children in an effective, lively, and developmentally appropriate way

  • Working collaboratively with Waldorf handwork teachers around the world to establish an international peer-learning network

  • Balancing the outpouring of the school year by reconnecting with colleagues and rediscovering balance, passion and purpose

  • Offering online programs to increase accessibility for handwork teachers world wide

  • A reputation for warmth, acceptance, collaborative, respectful and inspiring leadership

Elizabeth Seward has 35+ years teaching Handwork and other subjects in public, private, and homeschool Waldorf settings. She was co-director of a nationally recognized Waldorf teacher training institute from 2000 - 2003. Elizabeth is a trained Waldorf class teacher in the grades. She holds a PhD in Education, an MA in second language learning, and an MA in Education and Spirituality. She is author of Teaching Through Stories: Jane and Jeremy Learn to Knit

Shellie Smith has been an educator in public and private schools for 17 years. She has been teaching handwork grades 1-8 at the Haleakala Waldorf School on Maui since 2010. Shellie completed her Waldorf handwork teacher training at the Rudolf Steiner College. She is author and illustrator of A Twisted Tangled Tale.

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