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Wide Horizons, Deep Roots


This year marks our 8th Annual Wonder and Wisdom of Handwork conference. We have completed a 7 year cycle, and we are changing.

We will be online, no longer housed snugly within a retreat community, far removed from the cares and distractions of everyday life. Paradoxically, we have the opportunity to extend hospitality even further – to participants from Australia to India (the long way round) in two separate conferences (Parent Circle and Teachers). Connecting with each other is at a distance, through the eye of camera, or on the phone.

So how can we live up to our original four-fold purpose?

· deepening our understanding of our work and refining our skills

· balancing the outpouring of the school year by reconnecting with colleagues and rediscovering balance, passion and purpose

· refining communication skills with our students, colleagues, administrators, parents and peers

· strengthening our roles in leadership with the backing, confidence, and unity of many handwork teacher colleagues as supporters

Ironically, this is the year we decided to highlight the very foundations of our work: the Image of the Human Being in the Waldorf Handwork Curriculum. This is about far more than making dolls. Making dolls offers us a vehicle for diving deeper.

Honoring our first stated goal, we also have suggested reading lists this year. Whether before or after the conference, whether you attend the conference or not, whether you have read anything by Steiner or not, I highly recommend you dip into one or more of these. The video will show you the books. At the end of the supplies lists you will find links to several online sources.

We are expanding our horizons and tending to our roots. Join us if you can.

Video: Reading lists

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