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Hand Broom Making

Hand Broom Making


For centuries brooms have been crafted by hand around the world using a variety of fibers, grasses, and animal hair. In 1797 the first broom was made from sorghum, which is now called “broom corn”.   Brooms are important instruments of cleaning, and we all know that cleaning has tremendous meaning. When we sweep with great intention, we can transform a space and uplift our spirits.  We can elevate our moods through this one sacred act.  When a room or an area is properly swept, it just feels so good.  Many people make sweeping a daily morning ritual. Hand brooms are a wonderful way for young children to participate in the ritual of cleaning.

This hand broom making instructional video comes complete with written instructions, suggestions for creating your own unique kick winder, songs to sing, and recommended reading. Julie Yarnall will walk you through every step of the broom making process. Once you learn to make a hand broom you will understand the basic structure of how various brooms are made and will be confident creating a wide variety of broom styles.

Get started on your broom making journey today!

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