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Sock Knitting Series

Sock Knitting Series


In this series of 9 videos, we will guide you stitch by stitch through making a traditional ‘regular’ pair of socks, which includes the cuff and leg, heel flap, turning the heel, shaping the ankle gusset, completing the foot, decreasing for the toes, and closing with Kitchener stitch. Using the formula we provide, you can use exactly the same process and the same steps for cozy worsted socks, or even to make baby socks using fewer stitches.


You will make two socks at a time, avoiding the dreaded ‘second sock syndrome’. This means you will work one step on the first sock, then immediately consolidate what you have learned by working the same step on the second sock (on an additional set of needles). This means when you have finished one sock, you will be moments away from finishing the second sock, and will not be discouraged from starting the whole process over with the second sock (second sock syndrome!)


If this is your first pair of socks, you will be guided through ‘failsafe’ techniques. If you are teaching a class of 5th graders, you will learn about best practices and how to guide the students through the more challenging steps and set them up for success. This series is clearly marked step by step, so you can follow along with each stage of the process at your own pace.


Note: We offer an adaptable ‘formula’ for socks, which will allow you to choose which size and which kind of socks you make. The videos will also show you how to wind a useful center pull ball from a skein (which is how sock yarn is usually sold). 


You will need to be very comfortable knitting in the round before knitting socks.

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