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Wet Felting Series

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We are so happy to share some of our favorite wet felting projects with you. This series includes 4 projects plus a bonus piece on selecting fibers. The projects are intended to be worked in order to build up your wet felting skills from beginner to advanced. The first project, the wet felted earth ball, includes an introduction which explains how the process of wet felting works. This is a 3 dimensional piece that can be worked in your hands. From here you will move on to the flat landscape project, honing your skills and adding more distinct details to your work. The 3rd project is the seamless vessel. This piece is worked with a plastic resist. And the final culminating project is the seamless felted slippers which start off with a plastic resist and are finished by wet felting the slippers right on your own feet to create a custom fit. We will show you several options to choose from when adding details to your projects including needle felting and embroidery.


For each project we will walk you through each step from creating your patterns, to laying out the fibers, wetting out the wool, forming the skin, felting, and fulling.


We have designed this series for handwork teachers in school and homeschool settings. And it is equally valuable for adults who want to learn to felt for their own enjoyment. It is jam packed with troubleshooting, problem solving, and classroom management tips! By the end of this custom series, you will be confident in your skills and ready to teach others the joy of wet felting.

Handwork Curriculum

1st, 2nd & 3rd Grades

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