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Exciting review for our 1st grade handwork curriculum for homeschoolers and new teachers

We were so thrilled to read this reflection on our first grade handwork curriculum, we could not wait to share it with you! We were so moved, and grateful, this is exactly what we strive for. Thank you, Betty Staley, for being such a guiding light for so many of us, we hope to follow the path you have lit for us. Here is a link to the online curriculum:

Betty wrote: "If you were on a desert island and wanted to teach handwork to a group of children, you couldn’t do better than enrolling in the Homeschool Handwork Curriculum course and starting with the focus on the first grade. However, you don’t have to be on a desert island. Anywhere that you are located, you may wish to work with a group of children and show them the way.

You will be armed with a treasure trove that would allow you to understand the relationship between child development and handwork, how handwork integrates with other subjects, strengthens the child’s will and helps children create items of beauty and usefulness. This course will explain why you are doing each project. You will find clear directions how to proceed, as well as verses and stories to help the children use their imagination, and so much more. Next you will be led to what projects you can do. You will have a choice of many different projects just right for the first grade. If you need help, there are videos clearly showing you what to do. It is as if you have a friendly partner, modeling, explaining, and helping you along the way.